K1 RETAINER PROGRAM                        

  • Yearly Physical Exam         
  • Unlimited visits
  • ECG's, Lab draws
  • Yearly Flu shots
  • Priority Scheduling
  • No Waiting
  • Guaranteed Urgent 

        Appointments within 24 


  • Dr. Killion's Cell Phone

        Number for urgent issues

  • Subspecialist Appointment 


Retainer Practice


  • Yearly Physical Exam
  • Subsequent Visits billed to Medicare
  • Guaranteed Urgent Appointments within 24 hours
  • Dr. Killion's Cell Phone Number for urgent issues
  • Subspecialist Appointment Facilitation

At the suggestion and request of several patients, in 2003, I began a retainer practice, which, I integrated into the larger model of my current practice. These patients expressed the desire for a practice that would fit their own personal needs and lifestyles. I designed a program similar to many of those developing rapidly across the country for a yearly fee.


  • Yearly Physical Exam (including ECG, Lab drawl, etc.)
  • Subsequent Visits on a fee-for-service basis
  • Guaranteed Urgent Appointments within 48 hours
  • Subspecialist Appointment Facilitation

​​​​​​​More and more primary care physicians are retiring or leaving medicine for other opportunities. Additionally, fewer and fewer residents and students are choosing primary care due to its meager reimbursement and are instead opting for the higher paying subspecialties. These factors combine to produce a shrinking pool of well trained Internists. Those that remain are mainly in large group offices and are usually pressured to see as many patients as possible. I am part of a growing trend of Internists to offer a better option: a small, private office with helpful and courteous staff, very little waiting and no rushing. All for a fee that is not much more than most people's monthly cable bill. Many participants in the Retainer Program are able to pay for it by using their Health Savings Account (HSA) or a similar program through their employer.

We are currently in the process of actively expanding the retainer Practice and are converting to a strictly Retainer-based practice. Only 300 patients will be accepted into the Retainer program.


Below are some comments by patients who participate in the Retainer Practice:

“Matt’s superior credentials and his affiliation with a renowned institute of medicine speak for themselves. His staff is attentive, accommodating, and professional. The convenience of medical attention when I need it without the stress inherent in making an appointment is the key element, which prompted me to become a Killion Medical Associates retainer patient. Another retainer service of KMA, which I have found helpful, is the ability to have pre-op procedures done in a relaxed office atmosphere, on my schedule. The convenience of not having to take a number and waiting for a turn at a lab is certainly worthwhile.”
-- Robert Demento, Jr.

"In this fast paced, complicated world in which we live, it is comforting to know that personal, prompt, high quality health care is but a phone call away. Dr. Matt Killion's concierge medical practice provides a needed and welcome service to the community. I strongly endorse this program."
-- Joseph H. Jacovini, Esquire

If you would like more information regarding becoming part of the retainer practice, please contact us, and Dr. Killion will discuss it with you personally. There are a very limited number of spaces available for the retainer practice.